Desert Equations

Sussan Deyhim and Richard Horowitz

Electro-Persian excursion by Iranian vocalist Sussan Deyhim and composer Richard Horowitz. A groundbreaking album, dominated by Ms. Deyhim’s sublime voice surging from behind virtual dunes and electronic oasises.

(1) Ishtar (2) Got Away (3) I’m a Man (4) Tear (5) Azzax Attra (6) Jum Jum (7) Armour (8) Desert Equations

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Shy Angels

Sussan Deyhim and Bill Laswell

“Shy Angels” is Bill Laswell’s reinterpretation of the entire “Madman Of God” album, in which Sussan Deyhim presents her uniquely personal reading of divine love poems by Rumi, Saadi and other Sufi masters.

(1) The Candle and The Moth (2) Bade Saba (The Wind Of Saba) (3) Daylaman (Inextricable) (4) Meykhaneh (Wine Cave) (5) Navai (Savage Bird) (6) Negara (Mesmerized Mirror) (7) Gereyley (Nocturnal Dialogue) (8) Hamcho Farhad (Our Tears, Our Wine, Our Sight)

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Madman of God

Divine Love Sounds of the Persian Sufi Masters

This collection of classical melodies from the Persian repotiore is based on the poetry of Rumi, Hafez and other Sufi writers from the 11th to the 19th cenruries. These pieces are as well known by my grandparents as they are by my own generation, and they represent the torch songs of classical Persian music.

(1) Gereley (2) The Candle and the Moth (3) Daylaman (4) Meykhanen (5) Bade Saba (6) Negara (7) Herncho Farhad (8) Navai

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Sussan Deyhim Shirin Neshat

As a composer and performance artist, I;ve been looking for those rare occasions wherer a moment or situation freezes all thought processes and rhetorical rationalizations. All my soundscapes for Shirin Neshat have been romantic journeys into a deep sone, searching for universal, sonic metaphors to evoke language from her silent narrative abstractions; creating a space which travels beyond referential codes and transcends into the hyper-real, the surreal and the timeless

Ferver 1-4 Soliloquy 5-14 Rapture 15-22 Turbulent 23-24

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A stunning collaboration between Sussan and the great film composer
Richard Horowitz, released on the Sony Classical label.

(1) Majoun (2) Kye Kye (Who is Who is) (3) Agonethi (Shadow Maps) (4) Whorl on the Mount of Moon
(5) Coldest Day (6) Ipissima Verba (7) Murmur Mutanta (8) Botachine (Infinitely Curved)