Dear friends,

Sussan Deyhim’s media project inspired by the great works of Iranian poet and filmmaker Foroug Farrokhzad will preview at the Freud Hall on Jan 19, 2014, in Los Angeles.

This presentation is as part of a residency fellowship from the CAP/UCLA and a partial grant and priceless support of the prestigious Iranian cultural foundation The Farhang Foundation. The team for the project has grown to be truly wonderful. We are thankful for the enthusiasm of our collaborators and some of you during this development phase, it has meant much to this production and to Sussan.

More in depth and ongoing news about the project will be available on Sussan’s web site and a FB page soon. The tickets for this preview will be on sale as of mid Sep. We would love to have you to be among the first experiencing this ground breaking project and giving us your support and constructive feed back.

Residency Fellowship

Sussan has also been awarded with a residency fellowship from the Rauschenberg Foundation, taking place at Robert Rauschenberg’s amazing Estate in Florida in the 2013-2014 season.

And here are some of Sussan’s summer and fall concerts/events:

CONCERT: Filarmonica Romana, Il bosco di Eros

Venue: Accademia Filarmonica Romana, Via Flaminia, 118 - 00196 Roma, IVA - 01034841005
Date: July 4 2013
Time: 9:30pm

GALA BENEFIT: The Long House Foundation Gala dinner

Honoring: Lisa de Kooning, Richard Meier and AiWeiWei.

Venue: The Long House Foundation, East Hampton NY
Date: July 20 2013
Time: 9:30pm

CONCERT: Annie O Music Series

Venue: Chez Andre at The Standard, East Village, 25 Cooper Square NYC
Date: July 22 2013
Time: 7-9pm
Info: The Standard East Village

CONCERT: Epi Plage St Tropez

Date: Aug 31 2013
Time: 7-9pm

Concerts in California

Venue: SF and LA (tba)
Date: Oct 27 & Nov 2, 2013
Info: More on the details soon.

The House Is Black
Preview Event

Presentaed by CAP/ UCLA
Venue: Freud Hall
Date: Jan 19 2014
Time: 7pm


Sussan Deyhim accomplished with her voice was a revelation. Pointing out that she was an Iranian woman being accompanied by a Jewish brass player and a Jewish bassist, she created an atmosphere in which we could no longer believe in the current political fire that is ready to ignite the spaces that separate Iran from Israel, from the United States, and from most of the Western World. I could see directly why there was a time – ancient Egypt and the old Orphic Tradition, to name but two – when music was the master teacher simply because it restores the soul; it opens the mind like a great lens so that your eye is my eye, is the bee’s eye, is the whale’s eye, is the eye of Earth peering out into endless reaches of starry grandeur and mysterious forms of life waiting to be born.

Without artists the Earth would already be scorched a thousand times over: ashes unable to eke out any more green shoots. For seven hours at the Avalon the green shoots of hope were everywhere. The growth could not be contained. Befitting the ecstasy at the end, my camera battery ran out and I could no longer record: instead I jumped on the green wave and vanished into a world worthy of our protection and – as all the artists stated all night – our undying love, that creative courage sustains as a matter of course. Sussan Deyhim had a smile that transcended every border man has ever created. It was art and artists who united Iranian and Jew on the stage – and labored together to bring the house down. Glorious harmony as voice, bass and brass – including a ram’s horn – alternated with feverish excitement. It was the trance of the spirit of our own time, gathering itself up to survive intact, smiling, passionate, capable, able to see its way through illusion and false paths.forms of life waiting to be born.