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[Bill Laswell's Reconstruction and Mix Translation of Madman of God]


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project: Madman of God

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This is how extraordinary Iranian vocalist Sussan Deyhim describes her first solo album: “Madman Of God is a collection of classic melodies taken from the Persian repertoire, which were composed around the poetry of Rûmi, Saadi, Djami and other Sufi writers from the 11th to the 19th centuries. These pieces are as well-known by my grandparents as they are by my own generation, and they represent the torch songs of classical Persian music”

The result is an inspired, exciting and deeply spiritual masterpiece. Deyhim and her sublime voice are surrounded by contributions from players as diverse as Iranian classical musician Reza Derakhshani, percussionist Glen Velez (a long-time collaborator of Steve Reich), veteran jazz bassist Reggie Workman (who has been heard alongside the likes of John Coltrane), percussionist Will Calhoun (who has drummed with Living Colour as well as with BB King) and others.

Although practically all the sounds are performed by acoustic instruments and voices, Sussan Deyhim’s innovative arrangement and production have shaped “Madman Of God” into a very modern soundscape.

Born and raised in Tehran, Sussan Deyhim now lives in New York. She has been navigating between traditional music, electronics and avant-garde art. She has collaborated with Peter Gabriel (on “Passion”), with Bill Laswell, Jah Wobble, Bobby McFerrin, Adrian Sherwood, with cyber-guru Jaron Lanier and many more, including Richard Horowitz (with whom she recorded cult electro-avant-Persian album “Desert Equations” for Crammed’s Made To Measure label in the late 80’s) and Majoun, the band she formed with Horowitz, Doug Wimbish & Will Calhoun). “Turbulent”, the video installation by Shirin Neshat of which Sussan is the central focus, has just won an award at the Venice Biennial, while Neshat’s most recent piece (featuring Deyhim’s music) will soon be presented in several prestigious museums and galleries in the USA and Europe.