Sussan Deyhim is an Iranian composer, vocalist, performance artist and activist.

Desert Equations/Azax Attra will be RERELEASED on Vinyl!

Desert Equations/Azax Attra will be RERELEASED on Vinyl!

DESERT EQUATIONS is one my most favorite meditative ambient pieces composed by Richard Horowitz​ in 1983.

It came out on our first album Desert Equations/Azax Attra. It was recorded nocturnally in Noise New York, a great studio in NYC, owned by our good friend Frank Eaton​ who generously gave us his studio keys to record an album together. The album came out on the great Belgium based label Crammed Discs​.

Richard had just arrived in NY from his 10 year journey outside the US, 8 of which were spent in Morocco, living and studying Moroccan trance music and culture from sub-saharan Africa. This was and still is my favorite musical era in NY. Richard and I composed a few albums and presented a series of Performances in this influential period. Including, Desert Equations/Axaz Attra our first album, considered our cult album by our fans on Crammed Discs, Azax Attra Performance Art Series, produced and presented by the legendary Ellen Stewart at LA MAMA ETC and Carnegie Recital Hall, Majoun released on Sony Classical and later all my works for Shirin Neshat's Installations released on my label Venus Rising Records. No doubt our soundtrack for my recent stage production The House is Black Media Stage Project, which is not released yet, is a continuation of our musical signature from that period.

The photo is an old photograph of the young RH and SD which was recently sent to me by a friend, reminding me of that era. (1980's-90's) It talks for itself "IN SEARCH OF TRANSCENDENCE" in the heart of the most culturally dense and noise polluted NYC:) Enjoy Desert Equations and check out the full above albums on all music download sites or on Crammed Discs cites. And many thanks to our featured brilliant guests on Azax Attara/DE, the amazing Steve Shehan​, Vincent Kenis​, Barn Kiels and Drem Bruinsma​!