Sussan Deyhim is an Iranian composer, vocalist, performance artist and activist.

Vocodeliks, Electronic Solo Vocal Concert

Vocodeliks, Electronic Solo Vocal Concert

Vocodeliks, an electronic solo vocal concert event by Sussan Deyhim
Incorporating the ancient mysticism of Middle Eastern music with the wizardry of modern technology, vocalist/composer/performance artist, Sussan Deyhim creates a haunting and lushly layered vocal performance in her cutting edge one woman show Vocodeliks. This 75 min performance is as much rooted in ancient  musical rituals, as it is in her futuristic sonic vision. The first installment of her one-woman show was originally commissioned by the Whitney Museum of Art and Philip Morris in 1998. Much of the music is also derived from her various excursions in film music, particularly her collaboration with Iranian visual artist filmmaker Shirin Neshat, including Turbulent the winner of the the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennial.
This cutting edge and passionate concert has moved many audiences in museums, traditional vocal music festivals and progressive electronic music events internationally. Leaving the audiences at awe with her seamless 4 octave vocal range, performing a wide range of musical influences rooted in ritualistic ancient traditions of the Middle Eastern vocal music, European classical musical influences and to NYC’s experimental music signature which has placed her among the most innovative experimental vocalists of our time.
Sussan Deyhim’s collaborative works with some of the great film composer such as the Oscar winning composers Alexandre Desplat (Argo), John Debney (American Odyssey), Alberto Iglesias (The Kite Runner), Marco Beltrami (Gods of Egypt) and Richard Horowitz (Any Given Sunday) creates a unique occasion for this event to invite an eclectic audience interested in experimental music, visual arts and film music under the same roof.

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"Sussan Deyhim is one of Iran’s most potent voices in exile." - Los Angeles Times
"One of the five Iranian women visionaries you need to know." - New York Times

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