Sussan Deyhim is an Iranian composer, vocalist, performance artist and activist.
Mazz is a unique handmade collection of designed metallic chains, exquisite Moroccan suede, antique sub-saharan African desert pieces, Indian vintage gems, iridescent freshwater pearls and beyond.


Dear art loving fashionista friends,

I'm thrilled to share "Maze," my latest gender-neutral artware collection for 2024.  In a year marked by both personal and global challenges, this creative endeavor has been a much-needed and cherished journey.

For this collection I worked with special vintage metallic chains, stunning and sensual Moroccan suede in a brilliant array of colors, unique pieces from the Amazigh Tribes of sub-Saharan Africa, intricately crafted Indian vintage gems, and iridescent freshwater pearls, among other elements.
Most pieces are unique and one of a kind. While some items have various iterations, every creation has been meticulously handpicked and crafted. 

I think this work will guide me to work on a more abstract sculptural level soon. For now, offering this gender-neutral artware collection has been an incredibly enjoyable process. 

All orders will be shipped internationally within a week, with complimentary shipping provided for all purchases over $400.

Thank you for your support,